I Will Eat You Alive
Written and directed by Katie Hileman
Featuring Vicky Graham, Betse Lyons, Meghan Taylor
You are cordially invited to a dinner party hosted by three fat women to "celebrate" one’s decision to lose weight. Join us for a "delicious" five course "meal" confronting diet culture, fatphobia, and what it’s really like to be a fat woman in the age of Ozempic. It was inspired by and written after a series of interviews conducted between fat playwright, Katie Hileman, and a community of self-identified fat people.
January 25-February 10, 2024 at The Voxel
Follow the play at www.instagram.com/iweyaproject
Promotional photos by Studio5 Baltimore. Production photos below by Katie Simmons-Barth from the i will eat you alive workshop performance produced in February 2020.
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