“I’m bigger than I look, you piece of shit.
Bigger than the walls, the lights, your ego.
I will eat you alive.”

-Women Laughing Alone With Salad by Sheila Callaghan  

Production photos above by Kiirstn Pagan
I Will Eat You Alive
Written and directed by Katie Hileman
Vicky Graham - Fat Woman 1

Betse Lyons - Fat Woman 2
Meghan Taylor - Fat Woman 3
Andrés Poch - Scenic & Projections Designer
Adam Mendelson - Lighting Designer
Mo Oslejsek - Sound Designer
Meghan Taylor - Costumes Designer
Katie Hileman - Properties Designer
Jessica Rassp - Consumble Properties Designer
Kiirstn Pagan - Production Stage Manager 
David Brasington - Assistant Stage Manager
Niya John & Renata Taylor-Smith - Lighting Assistants/Board Operators

Chris Ashworth - The Voxel/Figure 53 Founder
Liz DeRoche - Production Manager
Alec Sparks - Technical Director
David Brasington
Katie Hileman
Sean McComas
Kiirstn Pagan
Brady Whealton

Submersive Productions, The Acme Corporation, Baltimore Rock Opera Society, Studio5 Baltimore, UMBC Department of Theatre, Eric Abele, Eve Muson, Susan McCully, Gregg Schraven, Nicky Schraven, Alex Schraven, Towson University's Master of Fine Arts in Theatre Program and 2020 Cohort, Juanita Rockwell, Becca Glantz, Brady Whealton, Jay David, Kayla Stansberry, Dylan Baierlein, Two Strikes Theatre Collective, Christen Cromwell, Aladrian Wetzel, Chris Lewis, Desiree Rowe, Genevieve de Mahy, Everyman Theatre, Volker Stewart, The Brewer's Art, Michelle Smith, Katie Kopajtic, Tori Schuchmann, Chris Ashworth, Patrilie Hernandez, Akiera Gilbert, Tigress Osborn, Darliene Howell, and Emma Kaufman.

Every stretch mark on the entire goddamn planet.

I Will Eat You Alive was made possible by The Voxel Artist Residency Program as well as grants from the Maryland State Arts Council and the Creative Baltimore Fund, a grant program funded by the Mayor's Office and the City of Baltimore.
The I Will Eat You Alive Virtual Screening on May 8, 2024 was made possible with support from Embody LibProject HEAL, the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA), and The Voxel.
Fat Resources & Media
Compiled by the I Will Eat You Alive director and cast, these are just a few of the resources available for fat folks… What are your favorites?
Maintenance Phase with Michael Hobbes and Aubrey Gordon 
I Weigh with Jameela Jamil
TV Shows
Shrill (Hulu)
Survivalist of the Thickest (Netflix)


Therapists/Coaches/Fat Rights
Kayla Stansberry - @fatpositivetherapist
Nicola Salmon - @fatpositivefertility
National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance - @naafaofficial 
Fat Rose/Fat Lib Ink - @fatlibink
Gloria Lucas - @nalgonapositivitypride
Ilya Parker - @decolonizing_fitness
Anna Sweeney - @dietitiananna
Jessamyn Stanley - @mynameisjessamyn
Nicole Byer - @nicolebyer
Aubrey Gordon - @yrfatfriend
Roxane Gay - @roxanegay74
Yesika Salgado - @yesikastarr
Fat Art History - @fatarthistory
Ashleigh Nicole Tribble - @ashleighchubbybunnyxoxo
Your Big Fat Friend - @yourbigfatfriend
La’Shaunae - @luhshawnay
That Chick Maya - @thatchickmaya
Angelina Moles - @fiercefatfemme
Shoog - @shooglet
Jordan Underwood - @jordallenhall
Historical Fat People - @historicalfatpeople

Fat Positive Groups/Spaces
Body Liberation Baltimore - @bodyliberationbaltimore
Fat Babe Maryland - @fatbabemaryland
Plush DMV - @plushdmv
Reject the Fatus Quo - @rejectthefatusquo
Fat Femmes NYC - @fatfemmes_nyc
Fat Babe Philly - @fatbabephilly
Underbelly Yoga - @theunderbellyyoga
Fat Women of Color - @fatwomenofcolor
The Fat Con - @thefatcon
Body Positive Acupuncture - @bodypositiveacupuncture

Broadway Body Positivity Project
Fat Girls Hiking
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