The Acme Corporation & Interrobang Theatre Company present a workshop performance of…
The Lights Went Out Because of a Problem
A found opera
Written by Lola B. Pierson
Directed by Lola B. Pierson and Jarod J. Hanson 
Music composed by Allison Clendaniel, Tariq Ravelomanana, and James Young
Featuring Alix Fenhagen, Brandice Thompson, Chris Ashworth, David Brasington, Hailey Withrow, KP, Kaya Vision, Meghan Stanton, Molly Margulies
The Lights Went Out Because of a Problem traces what happens when the lights go out, how we rely on connection to heal, how we find our edges, and how we pursue light. It features many actors and is EXPENSIVE. We've been working on the piece slowly since August 2021 and now we would like to show you what we have done so far.
Money raised during these workshop performances will support a fully realized production of the show in 2023 (we hope), helping to cover the cost of additional rehearsal time, set, props, costumes, stipends for our artists and technicians.
TWO PERFORMANCES ONLY: November 4 & 5 at 8pm at St. Mark's Lutheran Church (1900 St. Paul St. Baltimore, MD 21218)​​​​​​​
CONTENT WARNING: The opera includes a discussion about sexual assault.
Thank you to our in-kind sponsor The Brewer’s Art for providing beer for the weekend!
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