Interrobang's Big Fat Variety Show
A fat positive variety show to kick-off fundraising efforts for a 2021 tour of i will eat you alive by Katie Hileman. We are fat. We are here. And we will eat you alive.
HOSTED BY Katie Hileman and Hunter Hooligan
FEATURING drag, burlesque, poetry, and music from the cast of i will eat you alive (Katie Hileman, Becca Glantz, Betse Lyons, Meghan Taylor), Autumn Rain (poetry), M Lynne Hayward (poetry), Big Titties & Empathy (poetry), Washington Heights (drag), Stealya Manz (drag), Hazel Dereon (drag), Venus Fastrada (drag), Chris Jay (drag), Dr. Ginger Snapz (burlesque), Ophelia Zayna Hart (burlesque), Hunter Hooligan (music)
SPONSORS IN KIND Studio 5 Baltimore and Rituals
Saturday, March 7, 2020 at Rituals
Photos by Studio 5 Baltimore. See all photo booth photos here.
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